So Michael Gove cancelled the entire school building programme. Well, some of it. He wasn't very clear about which bits. But the nation was bankrupt, it was time to sell the paintings in the National Gallery, etc. Now, his ministry reckons, the new buildings, 200 of them, will go ahead. The only difference is that the projects will have to consist of modular buildings. Not that there's anything wrong with modular buildings. But we do recall a hell of a lot of Tory sniffing about "prefabs" and "portacabins" when John Prescott's ministry was looking at them for housing. And I'm a portakabin kid myself - so it can't be that bad for you. Does anyone else remember that unmistakable musty smell in early morning lessons? Interestingly, Journalisted has this key detail about our Education Secretary:

Michael Gove has written...* More about 'gove' than anything else