With the AV referendum lost, it’s time to consider what’s happening with the boundary review. (Personally, I thought linking a Tory help yourself exercise to the AV vote rendered the whole thing illegitimate.) You may recall that <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parliamentary_Voting_System_and_Constituencies_Act_2011#Timeline>Lord Falconer’s filibuster</a> in the Lords resulted in various amendments to the bill in order to get the referendum done on time. I’ve yet to find what they actually got out of the Tories in a summarised form.

Reading the Act, though, a couple of things strike me as interesting. First of all, there is a target date of the 1st October, 2013 for the Boundary Commission to report. Second, there are going to be public hearings. Some versions of the late amendments suggest that there may even be public enquiries where the changes are controversial.

Am I right in thinking that they should probably all be controversial?