Nick Clegg

Mirror-World Keynesianism, Part 1

Duncan Weldon notes that the tectonic plates seem to be shifting on the economy - Nick Clegg is apparently talking about the cuts as a political choice, rather than something forced on us by the impersonal powers of the bond market.

Democracy: Free with Every Barrel of British Tear Gas

Quote of the week, with a bullet:

Yeah, I suppose I am. I forgot about that. I’m holding the fort but I’m hoping to take the end of the week off with my kids. Someone else will have to do it then

That's Nick Clegg, answering a journalist who asked if he was in charge of government business during David Cameron's Democracy: Free! With Every Barrel of Teargas tour of the Middle East. (Thanks to Think Defence for the heads up.)

I Agree with Nick vs. Shower Jobby: Key Indicator Watch

An interesting upshot from this post at my other blog. I think I've made a strong case that the structural features of the mayor of London's job mean that there will always be tension between City Hall and Whitehall. It's relatively hard to do anything truly new as mayor - so you've got to pick fights with the government in order to position yourself politically.

More on the Economic Dodgy Dossier...

So, we all remember when George Osborne had the OBR secretly leave out 550,000 public sector workers from its calculations, change its forecast methodology, and all in all reduce its estimates of job losses by 175,000.

Chris Huhne: Wearing Out the DECC's Memory Hole

Energy & Climate Change Secretary Huhne takes to the sea to open the 300MW Thanet windfarm. It's an advance on trying to build an airport there, I suppose. But does he really expect us to believe that this is an example of "the frankly atrocious record on renewables we inherited from the last government":

SpudUHate : Toby Young's Localism Inaction

Tonight's BBC2 experiment in winding up the entire professional educational class of the UK to vein-popping rage apparently (I've not seen it all) contains yet another breathtaking nugget that reinforces the impression that the Liberal Democrats and by extension the whole country are being seriously taken for a ride.  Toby 'No Site, No Sweat' Young, aka Mr.

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