Now, if Theresa May decides that its time to trim ACPO, the shadowy is-it-public-or-not organisation of senior rozzers led by Sir Hugh Orde that has an interesting sideline in setting up its own CCTV surveillance nets I don't think we'll shed much of a tear.  After all, we didn't when Boris Johnson took the PR boost of canning Sir Ian 'Killer Of The Yard' Blair a couple of years ago.

However, it's what comes next that's the question that should be asked - in London not much has changed, really, we got the deputy appointed to the top job followed by Boris deciding he couldn't be bothered with running the MPA like he promised and handing over to his deputy. Meanwhile the Met carried on hassling protesters, photographers and journalists in the old style. With that in mind, the Guardian has a story on ACPO's conference in Manchester where Sir Hugh is putting the hard word out about police numbers (down) and we have another indication of the division between Coalition Lib Dems and Local Lib Dems, who's getting rather personal:


The most senior Liberal Democrat figure in local government, Richard Kemp, will be openly critical at the conference of the plan for elected commissioners.

"This idea was clearly dreamed up at the back of the tuck shop in Eton after the 'prime minister to be' watched a John Wayne movie. It is bad for policing, bad for the police and … will do nothing to reduce crime," he is to tell the home secretary. "I wish I could say that this proposal is half-witted – frankly it's not even that good."

I wonder what his background is.  The whole story does indicate just how much the landscape has changed - instead of a commitment to waffling about possibly, maybe cutting police red tape we're charging full scale into a world with 25% fewer police on the streets under a completely new and as yet rather poorly detailed scheme of elected commissioners without, seemingly, any discussion over what this means in practice.  It's instructive that the one word that never comes up in policing debates at the moment is 'crime'.  No wonder ACPO are worried, waving scary criminals around is how they earn their money.