Questions someone should be asking in the House:

What effect does the Government forecast the departure of 200,000 people from London will have on the electoral map? And how much taxpayers’ money is going to B&Bs as a result?

82,000 families. Say 1.5 parents, the great majority of voting age. 54,668 votes. According to YouGov’s most recent poll of Londoners, the C2DE demographic breaks 36% Tory, 43% Labour, 12% Liberal. That’s 23,507 Labour votes - so a net gain of 3,826 potential votes from Boris Johnson’s point of view. Of course, that’s before you correct for turnout - but the gap between him and Ken Livingstone was only of the order of 10,000 second preferences, so every little helps.

Of course, the costs of shipping 200,000 people into vague “bed and breakfast accommodation” fall on local councils. Not our problem, guv.

Looking again at that YouGov poll, they may have miscalculated, actually - Shower Jobby is further ahead among the C2DEs on the forced-choice question…