A very nice school, in fact, a 1930s [really interesting PDF] full-flowering-of-LCC-municipal-socialism rusticated pile in the northern part of Hammersmith, just south of Phoenix High School [PDF] and only about a kilometre east of Toby's £1.3m Acton residence.  Hardly need to get the people carrier ticking over (there's not a lot of public transport).  Top hole.

The fact that the site is only available because the previous plan [PDF] to move [PDF] the Cambridge special school onto it from its current site near the town centre to make way for a new building for the Bridge Academy (which is itself a Pupil Referral Unit for the, um, more difficult pupils) appears to have hit trouble since Gove took over is, I suppose, one of life's little ironies.  

Hammersmith and Fulham

  • Bridge Academy (PRU) Stopped
  • Cambridge School Stopped
  • Fulham Cross Stopped
  • Henry Compton Stopped
  • Hurlingham & Chelsea Stopped
  • Jack Tizard (SEN) Stopped
  • Lady Margaret Stopped
  • London Oratory Stopped
  • Phoenix High Stopped
  • Queensmill Stopped
  • Sacred Heart - Hammersmith and Fulham Stopped
  • William Morris Academy Stopped
  • Woodlane Stopped

Still, those special needs kids will be delighted to know that they're stuck in their crumbling, slated for demolition Sixties establishment in such a good cause, namely to give time for Hammersmith & Fulham to finish clearing Palingswick House of the current refugee help groups and other commie detritus, ready for Captain SpudULike to get his gown and mortar board in through the door in a couple of years time.