The amusing thing (as Matt Tempest has just pointed out) about Zac Goldsmith's spectacular personal implosion on Channel 4 News over his creative accounting of election expenses (putting signs expressly for his Westminster campaign on the tab of council candidates who weren't mentioned on them, declaring for the cost of stickers on campaign jackets but not the jackets) is that according to the Coalition's 'New Politics' there's supposed to be a way for errant/arrogant/dodgy MPs to be held finally accountably by the electorate - the recall.

Can we, therefore, expect Nick 'Clean Hands' Clegg to act with total disinterest when bringing forward a legislative programme including recall, one of the first applications of which might be to defenestrate a young well-connected, high profile Conservative, almost certainly in favour of an old-school Lib Dem?

Of course, what's now going to be lost in all this is that the actual indiscretion, even if proven, is extremely small beer - Zac Goldsmith quite happily and eventually even legally gave north of £250k to the Conservatives while equally legally enjoying non-dom status without anyone except us filthy hippies wondering if he was quite the kind of Parliamentary representative we were looking for to clean up the cesspit.  Given that, 200 ugly kagouls rather pales into insignificance, but that's forgetting that it's not the crime but the reaction that usually gets 'em.  The fact is that thus far carrying on just as he feels like has done Zac fine, which explains his bull-at-a-gate attitude to Jon Snow's questioning.  This may not be a tenable approach from now on.