Turning the stabprin telescope around, the view from outside the capital is, according to the Home Counties Bible of the Mail, unsettled:

Residents in the Home Counties have been told to brace themselves for an influx of tens of thousands of poor families, driven out of London by reforms to housing benefit.

Well, dur.  The flaw in the Housing Benefit plan is that you can't (and I'm sure there are backwoods Tories and 20-something Whitehall wonks and SpAds who rather regret this) actually gas the poor and use them as fuel, and therefore however hard you kick them out of London they're going to land up somewhere.  Any reasonable probabalistic distribution based on getting them out of the poorer areas of London is going to settle on a ring around the capital where private rents reduce to something slightly less extortionate. 

Similarly, by the current electoral distribution, these areas are going to be mainly Tory voting and quite possibly would have read in their papers the kind of horror stories that get trotted out on a yearly basis along the lines of:

Nearly a quarter of a million London residents quit the city last year.


It has also been labelled 'white flight' after the desertion of American cities in the 1950s and 60s by whites heading for racially-segregated suburbs.

In Britain, the flight involves middle-class families of all ethnic backgrounds who are thought to be turning their backs on poor schools, poor transport, and high crime rates in major cities.

That's from the Daily Mail, of course.  The rag has spent years regaling the middle classes with tales of nice middle class people fleeing London to the Home Counties and beyond to get a decent education for their kids with no immigrants or poor brown people around. This illustrates a key problem with tabloid scaremongering - you can't turn the tap off when it suddenly becomes uncomfortable - I'm *sure* the huddled masses kicked out of London to make way for the profits of the property interest will get a warm welcome in the schools and communities and with the council taxpayers they're going to be dumped on.  Fairness?  Big society?  You betcha.

Elsewhere Jamie Kenny thinks the Coalition are channelling Chairman Mao.  I've heard less plausible theories.