Coalition adviser Lawrence Mead:

Hitler was non-democratic, whereas work requirements claim a popular mandate. There is something wrong when because of fascism we have to solve every problem with freedom and benefits

This is possibly the most chilling remark I have heard in some time. Those fucking fascists, eh? If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be forced to indulge the feckless masses’ irrational desire for anarchic licence. What the fuck are Liberals, to say nothing of self-declared libertarians, doing anywhere near this guy?

Also, it’s worth noting the insistence on “tough talking”, to say nothing of his involvement with Henry Kissinger.

This is an example of the wanktank industry at work - one of its key functions, aside from delivering fact-style content to the press, is to pick up policy-style matter from the wilder shores of ideology, rework it to suit the moment, and drop it into the political discourse.

Neocons - and an American who describes himself as a conservative who believes in big government is surely one of them - were always good at this. The concept of the ideological transmission belt is part of their Marxist inheritance.