An extremely valuable comment on Dave Hill’s blog provides a wealth of data, including a link to the official rate-card that determines how much housing benefit you get by location.

Hopi Sen notes that David Cameron is claiming over £20,000 a year in rent money off the taxpayer.

Dan Paskins has a summary of the proposed changes and points out the Government’s obsessive message-discipline around the cap element of the scheme. He further points out that even the average loss is drastically more than anything you could hope to gain from the Lib Dems’ tax changes.

In an epic row at Crooked Timber, Daniel Davies notes a further unintended consequence of the plan - just what will happen to thousands of empty properties in horrible bits of London?

The Prime Minister claims nobody will become homeless as a result, because the Government is “willing to pay up to £21,000”. That is to say, it will pay the 30th percentile of the median rent if it’s not more than that. And if you can’t find anywhere for 30 per cent of the local median? It’s not as if you then get the £21,000.

If you needed Cambridge University to tell you this was a disaster, well, here you go.

Boris Johnson rants against the cuts, and the first people to move against him are….Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. Clegg says “The Americans are like a snake in the desert” as M3 Bradleys roll into position behind him. Well, no, he didn’t, but it’s getting that way.