Today's police reforms:

"[P]olicing relies not just on the consent of the people but their active cooperation"

Today's Attorney General comments:

The attorney general, Dominic Grieve, today supported the Crown Prosecution Service's decision against charging the police officer caught on video during last year's G20 protests striking Ian Tomlinson, who later died. Grieve also rejected suggestions that the death of a police officer by a member of the public in similar circumstances would have been treated differently. The decision not to prosecute, announced last week, prompted anger among Tomlinson's family and campaigners.

Good show, chaps.  On the one hand we're supposed to leap joyfully (and unpaid) from our workplaces to join the police as they go about their merry business, on the other we're supposed to stand around dumbly while they occasionally kill us and then suck down the justificatory bullshit.  You know what?  Count me out of 'active co-operation', guys.  You're *supposed* to be liberals now, Grieve.  Remember?

[Also, this hardly makes me comfortable at the idea of amateur cops, given the kind of person who's likely to want to be an amateur cop]