Yes, this is one of those 'where's the content?' explanation posts - well, I've been busy.  In particular, I've spent the last few months spending my blogging hours working overtime on something that launches this month, which fingers crossed gets me my blogging time back.  We'll see.

Further to that, the crushing weight of the sheer amount of stupid the Coalition manages to throw out on a daily basis is all-but-uncoverable meaning my New Years Resolution is to focus.  I've therefore picked the three worst members of the Coalition from my point of view - please give a big hand and a thumping great kick up the arse to our lucky winners:

  • Michael Gove - for demonstrating that years of living in an echo-chamber of extremely right wing journalists and other arseholes is not adequate preparation for government
  • Eric Pickles - for 'guided localism', if nothing else
  • Francis Maude - for being the real power behind the entire administration, and making everyone forget he was an idiot in 1997

This isn't to say I'll be exclusively concentrating on these three (and any Lib Dem attempts to stand up to them or otherwise, natch) but hopefully this will allow some time to dig into the backstory, particularly of the kind of horrible 20-something/ex-CCHQ/Guido-influenced/GOP-lite libertorian who hover round these three like flies round the obvious metaphor.  Buckle up.