Two themes come together - the Telegraph being frozen out by the Coalition as not being trustworthy and wholly behind the idea of a Cameroonie/Orange Book alliance and the frequently mentioned propensity for leakiness.  Notably this is Stephen Glover writing in the Independent, likewise no friend of the Axis Of Rupert approach to media management:

...the Tory communications chief, Andy Coulson, is upset about several stories that have appeared in The Sunday Telegraph

Poor man.  This on top of meeting Alistair Campbell at Piers Morgan's wedding, which would make most reasonable people go postal.  I mean, a blogger without easily located permalinks?  Obviously a bounder.

Patrick Hennessy, political editor of The Sunday Telegraph, is certainly not being spoon fed stories by the new regime. The Old Etonian hack is regarded with some suspicion by Mr Coulson because, like his counterpart Andrew Porter on The Daily Telegraph, he was associated in Tory minds with the Brownites, and used to be on friendly terms with Damian McBride, the excitable No 10 spin doctor sacked after sending lurid emails. Nevertheless, Mr Hennessy has produced a number of striking stories without any help from Mr Coulson's operation.

The whole point of entrusting the UK to the permanent one-party rule of journalist-politicians is that no one operates outside the circle jerk.  You can see why Andy C is upset.  I mean, the man even went to the right school and everything.